• Free Course

    Free Course:

    Cetking's Innovative Programs

  • G100 2015

    G100 2015:

    Eclasses, Shortcuts, Mocks, Books n Mentorship

    More Details 6,999.00
  • CET Turbo

    CET Turbo:

    CET Mocks, Eclasses, Shortcuts,Visual & Verbal Reasoning

    More Details 3,999.00
  • JB 120

    JB 120:

    Program dedicated for preparation for CET and other exams SNAP NMAT XAT TISS MICAT CMAT.

    More Details 5,499.00
  • CET 15

    CET 15:

    This course contains CET mocks program

    More Details 1,499.00
  • JB120 Without Books

    JB120 Without Books:

    E-classes, Mocks, GDPI, Mentorship for CET and other exams

    More Details 4,500.00
  • G 100 2015 Without Books

    G 100 2015 Without Books:

    Eclasses, Shortcuts, Mocks n Mentorship 2015

    More Details 5,500.00
  • CAT Mocks 2015

    CAT Mocks 2015:

    Prices Slashed:Mock series program. Increase your score by 20 marks.

    More Details 1,499.00
  • NMAT Turbo Program

    NMAT Turbo Program:

    NMAT Study Program with Basics, Shortcuts ,Mocks and GDPI prep

    More Details 1,499.00
  • Shortcut Workshops

    Shortcut Workshops:

    Shortcuts and strategies for CAT/NMAT/SNAP/XAT/CET/CMAT

    More Details 3,999.00
  • Verbal Shortcut Workshops

    Verbal Shortcut Workshops:

    Verbal Cutoff clearing workshops - This course contains basics lectures and advance shortcuts workshops.

    More Details 2,499.00
  • Quant Shortcut Workshops

    Quant Shortcut Workshops:

    Quant Cutoff clearing workshops: This course contains shortcuts to help you clear quant section in CAT XAT SNAP NMAT and other exams

    More Details 2,499.00
  • CMAT 15

    CMAT 15:

    CMAT MockEngineering program for Feb 2015 program

    More Details 1,499.00
  • XAT Exam

    XAT Exam:

    This course contains XAT 2015 program

    More Details 1,499.00
  • NMAT 14

    NMAT 14:

    NMAT Mocks, GK,Strategy n Mentorship

    More Details 699.00
  • SNAP 7 days program

    SNAP 7 days program:

    One Week to SNAP program

    More Details 999.00
  • TISS 14

    TISS 14:

    This course contains TISS 14 mocks

    More Details 1,499.00
  • MICAT 15

    MICAT 15:

    This course contains MICAT 15 program

    More Details 1,500.00
  • Welingkar GDPI

    Welingkar GDPI:

    This course contains Welingkar GDPI mocks

    More Details 1,499.00
  • Management development WAT GDPI

    Management development WAT GDPI:

    Phase 2 for all GDPI calls you will be getting

    More Details 3,500.00
  • Upgrade@500


    Upgrade to other Cetking Programs

    More Details 500.00
  • Upgrade@1000


    Upgrade to other Cetking Programs

    More Details 1,000.00
  • SBI PO

    SBI PO:

    Program dedicated to increase your score by 20 marks

    More Details 1,999.00
  • IBPS Program

    IBPS Program:

    Program dedicated to increase your score by 20 marks

    More Details 2,999.00
  • Banking Program

    Banking Program:

    Program for all major Bank PO Exams - IBPS, SBI

    More Details 3,999.00