• Free Course

    Free Course:

    See it to believe it

  • CET16 Turbo 30 days

    CET16 Turbo 30 days:

    CET Mocks, Eclasses, Shortcuts,Visual & Verbal Reasoning

    More Details 2,999.00
  • CET16 Mock Program

    CET16 Mock Program:

    This course contains CET mocks and analysis

    More Details 1,599.00
  • Abstract Reasoning

    Abstract Reasoning:

    Abstract Reasoning Workshops Visual Reasoning Verbal Reasoning and more.

    More Details 1,499.00
  • Shortcut Workshops Program

    Shortcut Workshops Program:

    Shortcuts and strategies for CAT/NMAT/SNAP/XAT/CET/CMAT

    More Details 5,499.00
  • GDPI


    GDPI training dedicated any BSchool GDPI

    More Details 2,999.00
  • G100 CAT 2016

    G100 CAT 2016:

    Eclasses, Shortcuts, Mocks, Books ,City wise groups, Weekly test and GK

    More Details 11,499.00
  • G 100 2016 Without Books

    G 100 2016 Without Books:

    Eclasses, Shortcuts, Mocks , Mentorship, City wise groups and discussions

    More Details 8,499.00
  • Registration


    Register after getting approval from Management.
    Contact for More Details 09594938931

    More Details 99.00


    Dedicated program for NMIMS CDPI. Includes Case studies, SOP writing and PI workshops.

    More Details 1,499.00
  • Welingkar GDPI

    Welingkar GDPI:

    Intensive GDPI workshops for welingkar. GD skills, PI skills, Psychometric and Creative testing

    More Details 1,499.00
  • CAT Mocks Program 2016

    CAT Mocks Program 2016:

    Mock series program. Increase your score by 20 marks...

    More Details 1,499.00
  • Upgrade Pen Drive 1799

    Upgrade Pen Drive 1799:

     16gb pd with all videos for Existing G100 Students

    More Details 1,799.00
  • Verbal Shortcut Workshops

    Verbal Shortcut Workshops:

    Verbal Cutoff clearing workshops - This course contains basics lectures and advance shortcuts workshops.

    More Details 3,999.00
  • Quant Shortcut Workshops

    Quant Shortcut Workshops:

    Quant Cutoff clearing workshops: This course contains shortcuts to help you clear quant section in CAT XAT SNAP NMAT and other exams

    More Details 3,999.00
  • JB 120 with Books

    JB 120 with Books:

    Program dedicated for preparation for CET 2016

    More Details 7,499.00
  • SBI PO

    SBI PO:

    Complete online prep includes workshops, basics, mocks and GK

    More Details 1,999.00


    SNAP GDPI Preparation Module

    More Details 1,499.00
  • CET Study Material

    CET Study Material:

    CET Study Material (2 Sets of 3 books: Basic and Intensive)

    More Details 2,500.00
  • JB120 Without Books

    JB120 Without Books:

    E-classes, Mocks, GDPI, Mentorship for CET and other exams

    More Details 5,999.00
  • Graduate Career Counselling

    Graduate Career Counselling:

    To know more about the same please call on 8693839030/9594441448

    More Details 199.00
  • NMAT Turbo Program

    NMAT Turbo Program:

    NMAT Study Program with Basics, Shortcuts ,Mocks and GDPI prep

    More Details 3,499.00
  • CMAT Exam

    CMAT Exam:

    CMAT program with Mocks, GK and Shortcuts

    More Details 1,499.00
  • XAT Exam

    XAT Exam:

    This course contains XAT mocks shortcuts

    More Details 1,499.00
  • NMAT 15

    NMAT 15:

    NMAT Mocks, GK,Strategy n Mentorship

    More Details 999.00
  • SNAP program

    SNAP program:

    Complete online program for SNAP

    More Details 1,499.00
  • Visual GK

    Visual GK:

    More Details 399.00
  • TISS 16

    TISS 16:

    This course contains TISS mocks, GK, Shortcuts

    More Details 1,499.00
  • MICAT Exam

    MICAT Exam:

    This course contains MICAT program

    More Details 999.00
  • Basic WAT GDPI program

    Basic WAT GDPI program:

    This course contains Welingkar GDPI mocks

    More Details 1,499.00
  • Mgmt Dvlpmnt WAT GDPI

    Mgmt Dvlpmnt WAT GDPI:

    Phase 2 for all GDPI calls you will be getting

    More Details 3,500.00
  • Upgrade@599


    Upgrade to other Cetking Programs

    More Details 599.00
  • Upgrade@1000


    Upgrade to other Cetking Programs

    More Details 1,000.00
  • IBPS Program

    IBPS Program:

    Program dedicated to increase your score by 20 marks

    More Details 2,999.00
  • Study Package

    Study Package:

    This course contains Three Set of Books (Basic, Intensive,Advance)

    More Details 3,500.00
  • Placement Training Program

    Placement Training Program:

    This is a complete program for aptitiude and GDPI preparation for placements

    More Details 3,999.00
  • Cet Book Pack

    Cet Book Pack:

    This package includes  4 books for CET Preparation
    Contact 09594441448 for more details

    More Details 999.00
  • IIFT Mock Program

    IIFT Mock Program:

    Complete online prep includes mocks taking Strategies and GK

    More Details 999.00
  • IIFT Mock Program

    IIFT Mock Program:

    Complete online prep includes mocks, Strategy Videos and GK

    More Details 1,499.00


    Mock series program. Increase your score by 20 marks...

    More Details 3,499.00